Saturday, December 19, 2009

November 16 to november 23, 2009

These are the items from the week of November 16th before sorting and cleaning.

Objects found the week of November 9, 2009

Row 1
one rubber cobra (top)
one piece blue plastic, fishing line attached (bottom)
one green rubber turtle
one green plastic duck
one bunch pink plastic grapes
one pink plastic toy cellphone
one toy doll arm ( right hand)
one piece ridged blue plastic
Row 2
one piece hand shaped paper saying "yo di una mano"
one piece yellow plastic with dimpled balls on each end, use unknown
one yellow plastic ball with black electrical tape wrapped around
one piece yellow plastic, use unknown
one piece ribbed grey plastic, use unknown (top)
one piece yellow metric tape measure (bottom)
one piece white plastic deodorant applicator, brand unknown
one piece grey plastic deodorant applicator, brand unknown
one dark purple toy building block,brand unknown
two light purple building blocks, marked "JIQI SERIES TOYS"
one light purple plastic toy soccer ball, smashed in
Row 3
one white plastic cup having a faint image of animal in polka dot vest
one stretchy white bracelet
one white plastic ice cream spoon
one U shaped piece white plastic
one white plastic toy valise
one piece purple plastic, use unknown
Row 4
one orange plastic spray top "OFF" brand
one yellow plastic top to pencil sharpener
one yellow plastic toy truck, tank only
one orange plastic truck cab "SUPER POSER" written on windshield
one red plastic toy army tank in two pieces
one piece red and white reflective tape
one piece red plastic decorative grid
Row 5
one piece of an old 45 rpm record
one piece black plastic toy tire
one black pentagonal soccer ball panel
one black plastic screw top cap
one white plastic screw top cap
one white plastic spoon
one piece green plastic, very worn
one green and white toothbrush :COLGATE" brand
one pair gold tone sunglasses, lenses ground so much it is impossible to see
one black/white plastic comb with label "FARMACIA JACO, S.A., C. 75"
one black plastic eyeglass temple with flower shaped hinge
one black plastic eyeglass temple, no markings
seven clothespin halves
one blue/white lighter, make unknown
one clear blue plastic lighter, marked "SUPER MAS #2 TEL 777- 1162 QUEPOS COSTA RICA"
one small blue plastic lighter "BIC" brand
one blue plastic hinge
one shard green plastic
one piece purple plastic, use unknown
one yellow plastic pen cap, make unknown
one black plastic pen cap, make unknown
one red plastic pen cap, make unknown
one piece green plastic tube
Row 7
one green plastic tube
Row 7
one green plastic screw top
two white plastic screw tops
one tiny green and blue toy tire
one red plastic sphere with cartoonish girl figure marked "ALITA"
one orange plastic screw top marked "SACHETTO VODKA"
four screw tops various colors
one fishing line reel "ARATY" brand (top)
one large white plastic screw top (bottom)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This photograph shows the second diptych in it's final mounted form

Untitled diptych # 2, one in a limited edition of ten.

A weeks booty

Since the project has taken on a diary aspect I decided to photograph each weeks bounty. The trash is sorted from the sea glass and driftwood which I use in other projects. This is the rather impressive batch from the week of November 9, 2009.

These objects were found the week of November 2, 2009

Row 1
one lawn sprinkler sprayer
one piece grey plastic, embossed "GULF"
one rusted enamel coffee pot lid, knob missing (top)
one blue wooden knob (bottom)
one thin fork tine, no handle
one white plastic spoon
one translucent plastic tube, marked "FINISHED WALL WITHIN THESE LINES"
two pentagonal soccer ball panels, "PILOTA NOVA" brand
one green toy dish (top) with one half of green plastic egg inside
one pink plastic toy teacup (bottom)
one contact lens case "RENU" brand (top)
one pink plastic toy figure, vaguely human-like (bottom)
one green plastic building block, "LEGO" brand
one orange handled hex wrench (bottom)
Row 2
one ridged blue piece of plastic
one black plastic racquetball handle
one half of a black plastic knife handle
one yellow plastic coach chassis,one black wheel, other missing
one green plastic toy seashell
one blue plastic toy octopus
one half of a blue toy cellphone
one orange plastic handle, use unknown
one orange plastic sea creature, cartoonish with tentacles
one bent red plastic cog-shaped object
Row 4
one blue lighter, "BIC" brand
one red lighter, "BIC" brand
nine plastic clothespin halves
five plastic screw tops, various sizes
Row 5
one red plastic bottle handle
one pink plastic bottle flip-top
one blue plastic scoop (top)
one purple plastic disc (bottom)
one pair black sunglasses, one temple and one lens missing, "QUIKSILVER" brand
one broken eyeglass frame, "PRADA" label
one faux tortoise-shell eyeglass temple, marked "D&G"
one brown plastic eyeglass temple, marked "CALVIN KLEIN"
one silver earring with black dangly beads
one silver hoop earring, very rusted
one grey plastic cube
one cork from a wine bottle, marked: MENDOZA ARGENTINA"

These objects were found the week of October 26, 2009

Row 1
one yellow plastic scrub brush handle, "ETERNA" brand
one orange plastic bottle, original contents unknown
one soccer ball panel, "MIKASA" brand
one blue drinking straw, end chewed
two identical flower shaped pieces of white plastic, use unknown
one yellow plastic hinge (top)
one blue plastic whale (bottom)
one piece of translucent plastic, "prensas" and the letter "r" hand written in white ink
one pink plastic strap
one black plastic comb
one green razor handle, "SCHICK" brand
one wooden folding knife, rusted shut, "OPINEL" brand
one red strap with buckle
one red toy car, marked "MARVEL"
Row 2
one pop open lid, "PRO-V" brand
one white tricycle pedal
one silver earring with a chased vine pattern (top)
one ladies wristwatch, no band, aged beyond identification (middle)
one blue plastic toy gun (bottom)
one black plastic jar lid , "BODY SHOP" brand pumice foot scrub
one black plastic ring, (outer object)
one yellow mustard bottle squeeze top, (inner object)
one green plastic Popsicle handle
one green plastic toy lawn chair
one clear plastic lid with pinwheel pattern
one blue plastic bottle handle, (outer object)
one wad green plastic fishing line, (inner object)
Row 3
green plastic lawn sprinkler body, "MACASA" brand
one pentagonal soccer ball panel, "NOVA PRO" brand
one white plastic knife
one pink sippy cup lid (top)
one green plastic disc (middle)
one pink plastic toy plate (bottom)
one small rusted piece of metal (inside plate)
one white plastic floss dispenser, "ORAL-B" brand
one plastic part of a deodorant applicator, brand unknown
one chunk of heavy white porcelain, possibly electrical insulation (top)
one pink plastic ring (bottom)
one white plastic eyeglass temple marked "DADA"
one amber eyeglass temple, marked "GUESS"
one faux tortoise eyeglass temple, make unknown
one black sunglasses, both temples missing, make unknown
one neon green sunglasses, one temple missing, make unknown
Row 4
six clothespin halves
one purple lighter, "BIC" brand
one intact blue clothespin
six plastic bottle tops, various sizes

These objects were found the week of October 19, 2009

Row 1
one wood newel post, 24 cm
one plastic faux wood toy gate
one spool fishing line, "ARATY" brand
one white screw top lid
Row 2
one diving mask, no lens
one black knife handle
one blue plastic object, use unknown
one silver tone trunk latch
one silver auto window handle
one short ball point pen
one mauve plastic toy meat cleaver
one black grille from a toy automobile
one 10 colon silver coin
one eyeglass temple, black with copper detail, brand unknown
one eyeglass temple, black, brand unknown
one watch, strap missing, non-functioning, "MAXIMA" brand
Row 4
one blue toy building block,"MEGA BLOCKS" brand
2 lengths nylon rope, 40 cm. each
one plastic toy part, marked "CRAYOLA" and having a "McDONALDS" logo
one lighter, "CLIPPER" brand with marijuana leaf logo
one yellow lighter, "CLIPPER" brand
one green lighter marked: "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "EN DIOS CONFIANZA"
one small white lighter, "BIC" brand
one orange plastic toy part, use unknown
one neon green plastic disc, embossed with a strange, mouse-like figure
Row 5
one piece of a black air grip pro flyer, "FRISBEE" brand
one piece of a blue, transformer like toy
one toy person, male, with red plastic hat
one piece of painted wood, having a hole on one end, palm tree and dolphin motif, marked "COSTA RICA"
one clear neon green plastic scoop
one green plastic bell pepper, small hole on top
one pentagonal soccer ball panel
one red plastic handle, use unknown
one piece of small purple plastic, use unknown
one amber colored plastic blob
Row 6
nine plastic clothespin halves
one "U" shaped piece of white plastic.
five screw top lids, various sizes

Monday, December 14, 2009

objects found the week of October 12, 2009

As long as the objects were being documented I felt I should pay more attention to the layout. The bits and pieces began to take on a narrative quality. The next obvious step was to begin to catalog it all.
Row 1
one plastic screw top jar,original contents unknown
one tangled mass of blue fishing line
Row 2
one very rusted iron bar, 36 cm
Row 3
one butcher knife, tip broken off
one rubber logo
one red rubber pentagonal soccer ball panel
Row 4
one "BARBIE" type doll, head and one arm missing, legs blackened
one conical piece clear plastic, possibly a headlamp cover
one tempera paint jar, "FABER CASTELL" brand
one plastic mouthpiece
Row 5
one wristwatch with broken strap, "PUMA" brand, non-functioning
one white plastic flip top
one piece juice box top
one red toy sieve
Row 6
one red plastic starfish
one white applicator with orange tip, contents unknown
one orange toy plastic paella pan containing two beads, one red and one white
one blue plastic spoon
one white plastic spoon
one piece green plastic with raised five point star pattern
one plastic box with lid, marked: "spare blades ten pieces"
one half orange toy cell phone
one piece yellow plastic with green and red inserts, use unknown
Row 7
one piece black rubber with tan lines, probably from a shoe
one small red lighter, "BIC" brand
one large black lighter, "BIC" brand
one white lighter marked "NGUA CHIEN"
one white lighter, "DERBY" brand
one clear yellow lighter, brand unknown
seven plastic bottle caps, various colors
Row 8
six clothespin halves, various colors

untitled diptych # 2

I was pleased with this pair and decided to mount the photographs. They are from November 2009.

Monday, December 7, 2009

There was a bit of trial and error involved. I soon began to see that I needed more "stuff" as I preferred a more layered look. A less successful effort, this one is too long and too fat.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

More recently I began to keep a log of my weekly finds. These photos serve as a catalog of sorts.
The objects above were collected the week of September 28, 2009. For the longest time I could not understand why there were so many clothespin bothered me for years until one day I was down by the souvenir vendors and was struck by the sight of all the pareos fluttering in the breeze...what do you string clothes up with?... clothespins!
A nagging mystery was solved.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Photographs do not fare well in the humid tropical heat, therefore I chose to mount them seamlessly on black boards, a common process here in Costa Rica. The panel is raised from the wall by a 3 cm. deep backing, allowing the image to float. The two panels are lacquered to protect them and keep them from buckling and bubbling. The result is a completely flat, matte surface. Each panel is 40 cm. wide by 30 cm. tall.

Untitled diptych # 1, one in a limited edition of ten.

I decided I liked the idea of two images somehow used together, one of the entire construction, and another detail shot.
The pattern I established was that the objects were to be photographed on a light blue background, mostly because that was the most appropriate thing I had at the time. The fish theme emerged subconsciously but seemed fitting.