Saturday, July 16, 2011

The catch from the week of July 4 to July 10

Google the Kentucky Tobacco location?!?

Row 1
one very corroded length of metal
one very dirty opaque plastic cap
one green plastic tile setter, cross shaped

Row 2
one aluminum hook

Row 3
one small black plastic dish
two clear plastic lids
one white plastic snap-lid
one white plastic lid

Row 4
one piece cut and dirty green rubber
one soccer ball panel
one very corroded piece black plastic
one half turquoise plastic sphere
one blue plastic bottle cap
one blue plastic ring pop
one sky blue plastic elephant
one blue plastic shard

Row 5
two identical pieces white plastic hair combs found in two entirely different places
one piece blue plastic, use unknown
one piece white plastic marked "CANET"
one torn up red plastic cone shaped lid
one piece orange plastic
one orange plastic shard
one orange re-tractable pen Emblazoned "CPI 20 ANIVERSARIO"
one blue plastic safety tag "FLORIDA BEBIDAS 0112341"
one length blue nylon rope

Row 6
one mis-shapen and torn purple plastic berry basket
two white plastic spoons
one blue plastic spoon
one blue plastic eyeglass temple marked "GOOGLE"... seriously.
one black plastic eyeglass temple
one white plastic lighter "DERBY" brand
one green plastic lighter marked "KENTUCKY TOBACCO OUTLET PADUCAH KENTUCKY
270 575 5426"
one 100 colon coin
four plastic clothespin halves, various colors
seven plastic screw tops various colors
one blue plastic screw top "FANTA" brand

Monday, July 11, 2011

Finds from the week of June 27 to July 3

Cutlery and Temples

Row 1
one very encrusted and rusted knife blade
one black plastic ribbed object, use unknown
one plastic strap "BASSI" brand
one pale blue plastic fork
one small white plastic spoon
one corroded piece of metal

Row 2
one white plastic screw top
one white plastic pen cap
one white plastic nozzle
one blue plastic shard
one blue plastic key tag
one red plastic shard
one black elastic hairband
one blue plastic clothespin half

Row 3
one plain black sunglass temple
one green and black plastic sunglass temple
one black plastic sunglass temple with a silver swirl design
one wide black plastic sunglass temple

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Largish haul the week of June 20 to June 26

Row 1
one yellow plastic paintbrush, ferrule rusted, traces of green paint
one yellow plastic paintbrush, ferrule rusted, traces of white paint
one white plastic can "AJAX" brand
one pink plastic screw top jar
one piece green rubber with cuts across it

Row 2
one green plastic bottle with dark green top
one deodorant roll-on, brown and grey applicator "BRUT EUPHORIA" brand
one deodorant roll-on, blue applicator "MEZZANINE PARA HOMBRES" brand
one yellow plastic bottle
one white plastic marker body
one piece black plastic mesh
one piece white plastic, use unknown

Row 3
one red plastic safety tag marked "UNISEAL"
one green plastic clock face, no hands
one piece orange plastic embossed with a "1"
one green plastic plus sign embossed with a "4"
one piece yellow plastic toy vaguely chick shaped
one piece green plastic toy block
one mangled piece green plastic toy block
one blue piece plastic in the shape of a "J"
one white piece plastic in the shape of a "J"
one pink toy plastic fork
one grape shaped purple screw top bottle
one pineapple shaped yellow screw top bottle
one chartreuse green plastic toy disc

one orange plastic screw top
one red plastic screw top
one white plastic screw top
one pink plastic screw top
one teal plastic cog marked "RICOLINO"
one blue plastic sip top
one orange and black plastic toggle
one shard green plastic
one piece green plastic marked "MELISAM"
one shard mustard colored plastic
one green shower curtain clip
one piece white screw top
one green plastic pen cap
one purple plastic pen cap
one blue plastic pen cap

Row 5
one lighter "CLIPPER" brand with motocross theme
one small white lighter "BIC" brand
one green plastic lighter
fourteen clothespin halves in various colors

Easter Bonanza

Row 1
one large yellow plastic toy truck body
one piece yellow plastic toy Volkswagen beetle
one red toy car reflector

Row 2
one green woven plastic scout tie slide
one pink plastic toy cooking pot
one green plastic hair curler
one pink plastic baby doll shoe
one plastic disc bearing the image of an elf with the name "TIMMY"