Friday, October 8, 2010

pickings from the week of September 27 to october 3

post Clean-up

Row 1
one piece green plastic frisbee
one piece white plastic wound in a scroll
one green plastic key card from 'ARENAS DEL MAR BEACH & NATURE RESORT"

Row 2
one piece red toy plastic rocket-ship
one eyeglass temple
one copper color sunglass lens

Row 3
five plastic bottle caps
one clothespin half

What I found the week of September 20 to September 26

post clean-up

Row 1
one wooden broom handle with plastic knob, "FLAMINGO" brand
one grey plastic broken hand mirror, "FASHION" brand
one piece cartlidge or other bone, species unknown
one neon green plastic spoon
one rusted metal spoon with white plastic handle
one piece yellow plastic mesh
one very dirty plastic toy wheel, embossed with a daisy

Row 2
two blue plastic pen caps
one white U shaped piece of plastic
one blue plastic butterfly
one tiny green toy tennis racket, handle missing
one piece oval enameled earring with a blue leopard skin pattern
six blue plastic shards

Row 3
one pair black metal prescription glasses
one gold metal eyeglass frame, one temple missing, glass extremley scratched
one black plastic eyeglass temple, brand unknown
one lighter, "BIC" brand
five plastic clothespin halves
five blue plastic bottle tops

one blue plastic twist top
one broken white plastic twist top
nine plastic twist tops, various colors

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Catch from the week of September 27 to October 3

pre clean-up

Junk picked up the week of September 20 to September 26

pre clean-up

Finds from the week of September 13 to September 19

post clean-up

Row 1
one orange plastic toy rake
one half orange plastic cup
one pink plastic handle
one wooden umbrella handle
one nice piece driftwood
one white plastic applicator
one piece green plastic use unknown

Row 2
one piece purple plastic
one pink plastic valise handle
one black plastic comb, several teeth missing
one piece purple plastic having a mirror inset, possibly part of a bird toy
one red plastic safety strap "INDUSTRIES MARTEC REVISAR EN QUEPOS 0001439"
one chewed orange drinking straw
one plastic screw top

Row 3
one piece blue plastic, use unknown
one piece red plastic, use unknown
one yellow rubbery worm/bait
one blue plastic handle
one turquoise plastic lighter with a surfboard motif "CLIPPER" brand
one blue plastic lighter wrapped with black electrical tape
one white plastic spice box lid
one piece of black plastic with a rope motif
one tiny purple plastic toy shoe with a broken green leg
one piece white plastic in a "J" shape

Row 4
one black eyeglass temple with a heart cut-out
five screw tops, various sizes and colors
one red plastic applicator tip
twelve plastic clothes-pin halves, various colors

Big Storm= lots of plastic the week of august 9 to August 15

post clean-up

Panel 1
Row 1
one piece blue plastic pail bottom
one smashed yellow plastic bottle
one smashed blue plastic cup
one black plastic toy car chassis

Row 2
one plastic alcohol bottle "LA FLAMITA" brand
one piece blue plastic mop-head
one green plastic toothbrush "COLGATE" brand
one red plastic toy rake
one orange plastic toy spade
one piece red plastic fretwork, intent unknown
one shard blue plastic
one clear plastic bottle

Row 3
one shard blue plastic
one clear plastic bottle
one red plastic seashell
one blue plastic fish
one yellow plastic seashell
one clear plastic display hanger
one piece plastic tube

Row 4
one black plastic shoe piece
one green plastic applicator top
one piece red plastic embossed "BOSCH"
one green plastic hand
one yellow plastic building block
one piece black plastic with metal attached
one half purple plastic soccer ball w/ shaker like holes
one half black plastic wheel
one yellow plastic handle

Row 5
one part purple plastic toy, possibly a stethoscope
one white plastic screw jar
one piece white plastic, use unknown
one tiny piece blue plastic
one piece blue plastic use unknown
one blue ball point pen "FABER-CASTELL" brand
one crescent shaped piece blue plastic
one broken clear plastic knob
one green plastic toy jack
one small red lighter "BIC" brand
one red toy plastic ring in a feline shape
one very encrusted bowl of a spoon
one small white plastic cross
two pieces black plastic, use unknown

Panel 2
Row 1
one green plastic spray can lid
two flat clear plastic lids
4 milk/juice battle pull tabs

11 plastic bottle/jar lids, various colors

Row 3
eight plastic bottle/jar lids, various colors
one large white plastic button

Row 4
five white plastic spoons
two white plastic forks
one copper sunglass frame, lenses badly scratched, both temples missing
one opaque plastic eyeglass temple with corroded "D" hinge
one wide black plastic eyeglass temple "RAY-BAN" brand
one narrow black plastic eyeglass temple "RAY-BAN" brand
one pink plastic eyeglass temple

Row 5
fourteen plastic clothespin halves, various colors
one clear plastic applicator tip

Row 6
twelve plastic screw tops, various colors
one white piece plastic
one blue plastic fire-cracker shell
one piece white plastic ink pen
one tiny piece blue plastic
two blue plastic pen-caps

Row 7
fifteen plastic screw tops, various colors

Row 8
thirteen screw tops, various colors