Thursday, April 15, 2010

Items from the week of March 15 to March 21, 2010

Row 1.
one piece black ribbed rubber
one black plastic fork
one black eyeglass temple marked "RAY-BAN"
one pair silver eyeglasses, very destroyed, one lens missing and the other very grainy
one piece grey plastic and steel watchband
Row 2
one orange plastic screw top
one blue plastic pull strap from a bottle cap
one white plastic applicator tip
one red plastic screw top
one blue flower post style earring

Items from the week of March 1 to March 7, 2010

Row 1.
one broken and dirty liquid detergent bottle
one blue surfboard fin marked "FCS" and "GRIPFIN"
one piece blue plastic
one piece blue plastic strapping
Row 2.
one rectangular piece blue plastic
one blue plastic screw top marked "FRUCO MAYONESA"
one clear plastic lid with raised pinwheel design
one clear plastic lid, very dirty and cracked
one U shaped piece of plastic, possibly from a hanger
one blue and white screw top squirt dispenser
Row 3.
one piece of green nylon rope, frayed at both ends, approx. 10 inches in length
one small knotted piece of green nylon rope
one small knotted piece of blue nylon rope
one piece blue oval plastic with hole, very dirty
one metal hinge, bent and rusted
one piece of metal, very corroded
Row 4.
one tiny green plastic lid
four green plastic screw tops of various sizes
one orange plastic screw top
Row 5.
one white bendable drinking straw with blue stripes
one white plastic spoon
one yellow safety strap marked "BELCA" with the serial number 0022407
one tiny blue plastic trident
one tiny green plastic straw
one blue plastic lighter with image of racecar "CLIPPER" brand
one small purple plastic lighter "BIC" brand
one half piece of green plastic, use unknown
one black plastic sunglass lens
one piece "NICOTINE POLACRILEX GUM" 4mg. sealed in plastic