Sunday, February 14, 2010

The week of February 7 to February 14

Row 1
one very dirty clear plastic cup
one piece of green plastic cup
one fishing bob filled with neon orange substance
one piece yellow plastic, use unknown
Row 2
One black plastic eyeglass temple, "QUIKSILVER" brand
one metal eyeglass temple very ossified
one blue plastic disposable razor, "GILETTE" brand
one length blue nylon rope
one green nylon loop
one black plastic ring
Row 3
one paper coaster printed with "PARADOR RESORT & SPA PUNTA QUEPOS COSTA RICA"
one very destroyed red plastic screw top
one red plastic screw top
one blue plastic screw top

Items from the week of February 1

Row 1
one rosette of conch shells and seed beads
one red plastic screw top cap
one green plastic screw top cap
one blue plastic scalloped lid
Row 2
one piece red plastic, original intention unknown
one black sunglass lens
one white plastic spoon
Row 3
one pair magnifying glasses with only one temple, same with laser cut florid design
Row 4
one eyeglass temple, make unknown
Row 5
one clothespin half

slightly better haul...

But the dry season is not good for beach-combing.
Here are the items from the week of february 7 to february 14
before they are cleaned and sorted out.

February 1 to February 7

The seas are tranquil....
This is all I retrieved of note the week of February 1....
it will be even less after the sorting process.

Items found the week of January 25

Row 1
one brown faux tortoise barette
one pink plastic toy "LITTLE PET SHOP" with three plastic bubbles having tiny animals inside
one black eyeglass temple, make unknown
Row 2
one green rubber flower vial top
one lime green plastic squirrel-like animal
one piece mint green plastic
Row 3
one blue plastic firecracker, exploded
one plastic sunglass lens
one black spring

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The sea is a cruel mistress.

I am back after a three week hiatus at the Old Faux Chateau, which is a whole other story.
Or... possibly a potential blog concept.

Now that the weather has really calmed down the old gal just doesn't cough up the trash she used to.

In fact, mostly things now seem left behind and forgotten.

The objet shown here were found the week of January 25 to January 31.