Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Week of December 30 2009.

First photo
Row 1
one rocket with picture of flaming skull marked " TOTAL POWER FAISA"
one blue spray paint can lid
one black rubber ring
Row 2
one grey plastic screw top lid
one orange plastic rocket tip
one piece red rocket tip\one piece red rocket tip
row 3
one black plastic tube
one beige plastic outlet plate, very calcified, marked "HECHO EN COSTA RICA"
one brown and white marbled plastic comb "VANDUX" brand
one white plastic comb
one pair wire frame glasses intact, condition good, far sighted prescription
one black plastic eyeglass temple, make unknown
one piece white plastic fork
one pink plastic toy telephone dial with unidentifiable animal chuckling into phone
one blue plastic toy comb
one white umbrella handle, very calcified
one purple disc (top)
one white plastic ring bottom
row 4
one blue plastic lighter marked "SERVI-COOP"
one blue plastic "LABELLO LIPCARE" tube
two red plastic applicator tips
one grey plastic mop handle
three blue plastic firecracker tubes, exploded
three black plastic firecracker tubes, exploded
three clothespin halves
one blue plastic applicator tip
one small red orb with picture of youngish girl with giant lips
one blue plastic tie
one yellow pencil "FABER-CASTELL" brand
one pink plastic straw
one green plastic straw
one yellow plastic tip
one yellow plastic flip top
one green plastic monster with tooth less grin
Row 5
ten screw caps various colors
Row 6
two firecracker packages marked "SATURN OF ASIA, 50 TIROS"
six screw caps, various colors

Second Photo
Row 1
one rocket marked "FUEGO ES NUESTRO ARTE"
one rocket launcher
three roman candles marked "COMETON CRUJIENTE 15"
one small rocket "FAISA" brand
three rockets marked "FAISA WHISTLING ROCKET"
two stems to same
one grey plastic sword blade marked "MADE IN CHINA"
Row 2
two yellow foam blobs
one hang tag saying "PURA VIDA COSTA RICA" with picture of toucan, butterfly and two frogs
one package marked "WHISTLING ROCKET"

December 28 2009 to january 3 2010

Bombs Away.... these things were picked up around the end of the year...

Items found the week of December 21.

Row 1
one blue plastic rake, no handle, six tines missing
one green plastic five point star, with smiling face, one point broken
one piece black plastic toy wheel
one piece blue plastic handle
Row 2
one pink wooden stick from a rocket launcher
Row 3
Row 4
one plastic connector
Row 5
one black plastic hair clip
one black plastic shackle with bent metal hook
one piece black plastic bottle, flattened.
one red plastic crab
one green plastic pinwheel
one blue plastic cup with handle, very calcified
one green piece unidentified plastic, very calcified
one piece red plastic berry basket
Row 6
one clear plastic hair clip
one clear lighter with "CERVEZA IMPERIAL" logo
one piece yellow plastic applicator marked "SENSACION MOIST LIP BALM"
one small white lighter "BIC" brand
one small black lighter "BIC" brand
one red applicator tip
one neon green plastic scoop
one oversized black plastic button
one tangled mass green fishing line (top)
one piece blue nylon rope
one piece white plastic ball
Row 7
one red squeeze top
one white plastic lid with tiny handle
one blue pull up applicator top
one blue plastic disc
eight bottle tops of various sizes
Row 8
one tiny clear plastic bottle
two plastic bar code labels
one blue clothespin, intact
three clothespin halves, various colors
one black plastic tube
one piece green plastic hand formed into a swirl
seven blue plastic firecrackers

December 21 to December 27.

Items found this week before cleaning and sorting out.

Lost in Translation.

No items were collected the week of December 14 to December 20.

Items found the week of December 7.

Full accounting to follow.
As you can see I am trying to get this work caught up through the end of 2009.

December 7 to December 13.

Items gathered that week before sorting and cleaning.

items found the week of November 30.

Row 1
one piece blue plastic, 46 cm x 4 cm, very distressed
Row 2
one stretchy green headband with gold tone clasp
Row 3
one piece white plastic bucket handle
Row 4
one green handle marked " SHUN SHENG MADE IN CHINA"
one small black knob
one piece black plastic, 22 cm x 4 cm
one piece black plastic toy car frame
one green plastic scoop with tines (top)
one white plastic hair clip (bottom)
one half green toy plastic soccer ball with holes (top)
one yellow plastic toy garbage pail,very blackened (bottom)
five green twist bottle caps
one green plastic ring-like device (top)
one yellow plastic applicator tube (bottom)
one bunch yellow plastic grapes
one Imperial beer cap (top)
one pentagonal soccer ball panel (bottom)
Row 5
one black plastic ring, use unknown (outer)
one purple plastic lid with holes (inner)
one pink and purple toy frying pan
one piece twisted grey plastic (top)
one piece purple plastic marked "36B" ( bottom left)
one purple twist bottle cap (bottom right)
one piece blue nylon rope, 20 cm long
one twisted piece blue plastic (top)
one tiny blue tube, probably for aerosol can (bottom)
one frayed and twisted piece of blue nylon rope
one oval piece white plastic grater, probably part of a "PED EGG"
one blue plastic jar lid, very blackened
Row 6
one white plastic applicator tip
one piece fishing reel, white plastic and rusted metal
one artist palette knife, tip broken
one empty watch case with half strap, make unknown, marked "WATER RESIST"
one piece purple plastic
one tiny red plastic flower (top)
one red plastic screw top (second from top)
one red plastic zipper part (third from top)
one black plastic knob (fourth from top)
one red neoprene disc (bottom)
one pink plastic knife blade (top)
one pink plastic key tag (second from top)
one pink plastic ring-like device (third from top)
one clear blue plastic ball (bottom)
one black pentagonal black soccer ball panel (top)
one blue plastic "PUSH POP" top
one plastic lighter, "DERBY" brand
one gluestick, no top, "PRITT" brand
one orange plastic applicator top, likely "OFF" brand
Row 7
one yellow clothespin, intact
one blue clothespin, intact
four clothespin halves, various colors
one blue pen cap, make unknown
two blue twist bottle caps
one grey plastic lid with art deco motif
one brown plastic lid from spray paint can
one red plastic lid
one fishing line reel, "ARATY" brand

November 30 to December 6

Here are the items I gathered that week before sorting and cleaning.

lifeguard chair, Manuel Antonio

There were no items collected from November 16 to November 29.