Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finds from the week of March 28 to April 3

post clean-up

Row 1
one white plastic squeeze bottle, very dirty and smelly
one turquoise blue cap for an aerosol can
one blue plastic toy car
one very nasty blue plastic comb
one blue ball point pen "BIC" make
one black elastic hair band
one large shard aqua plastic

Row 2
one half yellow plastic bottle, very nasty
one piece white plastic tube
one very dirty toothbrush "COLGATE" brand
one equally dirty toothbrush "AQUAFRESH" brand
one piece pink plastic
one shard blue plastic
one shard yellow plastic
one shard yellow plastic, very dirty
one black plastic eyeglass temple

Row 3
one piece whit plastic reel
one half small plastic bottle
one silver piece dome shaped metal
one piece partially melted blue plastic
one piece white plastic from a wine bottle marked "VINCENT VARELA HNOS"
one white plastic fishing line reel "ARATY" brand
one blue plastic fishing line reel

Row 4
one blue plastic clothespin half
four bottle caps various sizes colors
one bottle cap "FANTA" brand
one small green plastic sphere
one white plastic bottle cap
one large red plastic bottle cap

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Boring haul the week of March 20 to March 27

Post clean-up

Row 1
one black plastic disc with a loop on top
one black plastic flip-top lid
one white toy propeller
one brown plastic disc
one metal tube tip

Row 2
one blue plastic shard
one red plastic shard
one part pink plastic hair clip

Row 3
one blue screw top
one yellow screw top

Row 4
one small blue plastic lighter "BIC" brand
two green clothespin halves
one black eyeglass temple "CHARGE" stamped on inner side
one black eyeglass temple " SHELTER" brand
one black eyeglass temple

Row 5
one white plastic spoon

March 14 to March 20 brings nothing to speak of...

A spanish school brochure and a pill bottle from France.

Row 1
one brochure from "LA ACADEMIE DE ESPANOL D'AMORE"
one red plastic scallop shell
one clear plastic bottle marked "LABORTOIRE D' ANALYSES MEDICALES BRUGUIERES "
one purple bottle cap "COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY" printed on top

Row 2
one yellow plastic toy tiara
one black plastic hair clip
one blue rectangular spray bottle top
two shards blue plastic