Friday, August 20, 2010

Stuff from the week August 2 to August 8

post clean-up

row 1
one grey plastic hair & body wash "HEIR BY PARIS HILTON" brand
one large red plastic lid
one very distressed yellow rubber inter-locking panel with a cut-out X
one small piece white plastic faux woven caning
row 2
one half red plastic sphere with holes, possibly from a shaker type implement
one yellow plastic toy duck
one white plastic medicine bottle, destroyed beyond description
one tiny yellow plastic funnel
one squashed plastic ball type object
one large orange plastic screw top lid embossed "CONTINENTAL"
one green plastic screw top with a blue pull
one translucent green plastic disc with a hole in the center
row 3
one piece pink knotted rubber
one pink plastic bulb marked "RHYTHM MIX"
one very muscular super hero type toy arm having a red suction cup at the wrist
one purple plastic piece of rubber
one tiny red plastic toy bell
one piece dull green plastic
one broken piece white plastic, use unknown
one white plastic take-away fork
one blue plastic take-away spoon
one tortoise shell eyeglass temple, left side
one half of a tiny red plastic toy crocodile
row 4
seven plastic screw tops, various sizes and colors
one small red plastic translucent lighter
one small blue plastic lighter
one white plastic lighter advertising "CACIQUE GUARO"
one green plastic lighter marked "MARLUNA RESTAURANT & BAR"
one blue plastic lighter
one green plastic lighter "BIC" brand
row 5
seven plastic clothespin halves
one piece grey plastic from an extension cord

Things from the week July 5 to July 11

post clean-up

row 1
one black sleep mask marked "LU'S WORLD"
one surfboard fin
one piece plastic shoe insert
one fishing lone reel "RATAY" brand
one grey plastic high heel
one black plastic comb
row 2
one piece of a pink plastic spray can top
one back half of a pink plastic toy animal resembling a bear
one very thick purple piece of plastic in a stylized butterfly shape
one piece purple plastic with holes
one half pink plastic sphere with three holes on top
one white plastic doll chair with one leg missing
one piece translucent plastic, use unknown
one half of a blue plastic hair clip*
one blue plastic ball point pen, unbranded
one blue plastic shard
one piece broken blue plastic (top)
one piece blue plastic with a star shaped hole (middle)
one red and blue plastic toy air bomber (bottom)
row 3
one pair tortoise shell sunglasses, left temple missing
one very rusted metal sunglasses frame, both temples missing
one metal sunglasses frame, both temples missing, lenses badly scratched
one plastic sunglasses frame, both temples missing, lenses badly scratched
one mangled eyeglass frame, both temples and one lens missing
one black plastic eyeglass temple,right side "RAYBAN" brand
one black plastic eyeglass temple, left side
one very rusted metal hinge
one small piece black plastic
one tiny yellow plastic tile spacer
row 4
one black plastic lighter "BIC" brand
one green translucent lighter inscribed "BAR LAS AMAPOLAS 777 1029 MANUEL ANTONIO QUEPOS"
nine plastic screw tops and lids various colors
two plastic clothespin halves

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

new collages

I have been experimenting with new formats and am very happy with these.
The first is: Yellow Trash.
It is a 24 x 24 inch laminated photo collage.
Limited edition of 10.

Above: orange trash
24 x 24 inches
limited edition 0f 10

Above: green trash.
24 x 24 inches.
Limited edition of 10.