Friday, January 28, 2011

Slim pickings the week of January 3 to january 9

Row 1
one piece fiberglass from a surfboard
one hexagonal piece white plastic from a soccer ball
one black rubber cane/chair tip
one piece black rubber, specific origin unknown

Row 2
one pair of nerdy eyeglasses on a "CHUMS" brand eyeglass holder emblazoned with the term "WET AND WILD".

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trash found between January 10 and January 16 2011

A word with two "C's"
but the resemblance ends there...

Row 1
one piece of transluscent blue plastic, C shaped, use unknown
one pink/grey childs toy plastic building block
one very rusty giant hoop earring
one piece white plastic, use unknown
one blue plastic shard

Row 2
two plastic applicator tips
one white plastic juice box spout
one blue plastic shard
one white plastic disk bearing a faint scratchy image of a dog/wolf/donkey

Row 3
one plastic plastic eyeglass temple "SCOTT" embossed on side
one white plastic spoon
one green plastic clothespin half

Row 4
ten plastic screwtops/lids in various sizes and colors

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finds from The week of December 27 to january 2

Auld Lang Syne and Good Riddance 2010 !

Row 1
three roman candle stems

Row 2
one white plastic pierced flower like disc
one small aluminum tube
one black plastic toilet tank ball
one L-shaped piece white plastic
one piece rubber sneaker or sandal sole

Row 3
one fireworks cone "FIASO" brand type "VOLCAN ARENAL"
two fireworks cones with chinese characters type "5 INCH COLORFUL FOUNTAIN"
one black plastic sunglass temple embossed in a vague "FENDI" like pattern obviously fake
one black sunglass lens

Row 4
one blue plastic lighter
two blue plastic pen caps
one white plastic screw top lid
one yellow plastic stopper

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finds from January 10 to january 16

Pre clean-up.

The selection improves.

Not much found the first week of 2011...

Pre clean-up.

A boring start to 2011.
A bunch of glass, some eyeglasses attached to croakies, and a cane-tip.

Feliz Ano! Finds from December 27 to January 2.

Pre clean- up.

My finds from The final week of the dismal year of 2010 included some fireworks remains and a toilet tank ball... fitting for such a crappy year.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Growing Pains

My collection is outgrowing these two plastic storage cabinets from the old Studio Caracol office.

The black and white plastic is not even here because those are the two most prevelant colors; they are in cardboard boxes.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finds from the week of December 13 to December 19

Post clean-up

Row 1
one split clear plastic cup having an applied yellow swirl
one pair pink plastic swim goggles "SPEEDO" brand
one smashed yellow plastic dish

Row 2
one yellow plastic "cat-eye" with two orange reflectors
one blue plastic shard, very sand-tossed
one very rusted showerhead
one blue plastic childs plate
one blue plastic

Row 3
one white plastic take-away spoon
two black eyeglass temples, no obvious make or origin
one orange lighter "CLIPPER" brand
six plastic clothespin halves, various colors

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Flotsam Film

I love this trailer for a documentary about flip-flops.
Can't wait to see the full feature...
It's only 25 minutes long.

Thanks to Journeyman Pictures
and Marty Bernard...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stuff from the week December 6 to December 12

Post clean-up

Row 1
one very nasty black plastic hairbrush
one black plastic knife handle
one pice black plastic applicator
one black plastic disposable lighter "BIC" brand
one small black plastic post earring
one white plastic bttle, no top
one small broken white plastic handle
one white plastic juice box pour spout

Row 2
one blue plastic lock strap "FLORIDA BEBIDAS" brand serial number 0203359

Row 3
one turquoise blue plastic bead
one blue plastic tip
one tiny piece blue plastic
one blue plastic pen cap
five blue plastic clothespin halves
one red plastic tube
one very destroyed disposable razor handle "GILETTE" brand
one tiny piece neon green plastic
one brown plastic shard

one red plastic tube cap
one piece red plastic
one red plastic mold in the shape of an un-determined animal
one red plastic pen cap
one red plastic "MONOPLY" house
one purple plastic shard
one geeen piece plastic with three holes
one white plastic applicator tip
twelve plastic twist tops, various sizes and colors