Monday, December 13, 2010

Stuff from the week of November 8 to November 14

Post clean-up

Row 1
one purple plastic shoe insert
one very dirty white plastic bottle
one part child's blue plastic toy cell phone
one black plastic sunglass lens
one piece chipped china plate with red and white design

Row 2
one orange plastic toothbrush "COLGATE" brand
one green plastic flower spike
one white plastic spoon
one white plastic fork
one white plastic eyeglass temple
one piece white plastic in a vague insect-like form
one piece blue chipped plastic
one blue plastic pen cap
one blue plastic lighter "BIC" brand
one piece silver metal hair clip

Row 3
three blue plastic clothespin halves
six plastic bottle caps in various colors

Objects of interest from the week October 4 to October 10

Post clean-up.

Row 1
one blue plastic pail-handle
one very destroyed NIVEA bottle marked "ACEITE BRONCEADOR CON ZANAHORIA"
one green plastic take-away container

Row 2
one piece yellow plastic toy rake
one yellow foam disk
one printer cartridge "EPSON TO602 CYAN"
one blue plastic sunblock bottle, brand illegible, marked "FACTOR 4 DE PROTECION"

Row 3
one yellow plastic bear or alien like toy part
two pieces broken blue plastic
one part blue plastic hair roller
two blue plastic clothes pin halves

Monday, December 6, 2010

The take from November 15 to November 21

Post clean-up.

Row 1
one rusty cutting disc
one piece black rubber hose, split
one blue rubber sandal strap
one pink and white jeweled hair ornament, stones missing
one single sunglass lens in wire frame

Row 2
one red plastic whale
one lighter "MARLBORO LIGHTS" brand
one white plastic fork
one broken white plastic fork
one piece arc shaped yellow plastic
one blue plastic childs toy plate

Row 3
four twist tops, various sizes and colors
two shards broken plastic