Sunday, May 29, 2011

Objects taken the week of May 23 to May 29

Post clean-up

Big storms mean more trash...

Row 1
one green plastic toy truck bed
one black and blue hair scrunchy
one red plastic shard
one green plastic shard
one green plastic toy plate

Row 2
eight plastic clothespin halves

Row 3
one yellow plastic security tag marked "MARIANELA# 0000647"
one green plastic shard
one blue plastic shard
one pink plastic shard
one very old red plastic handle
one piece green security tag
one part white plastic shaker type box top
one black/white plastic nozzle
one blue plastic nozzle
one plastic razor handle "SCHICK" brand
one green plastic toothbrush "COLGATE" brand
one purple plastic toothbrush "NEW-DENT" brand
two white plastic spoons
one purple plastic fork

Row 4
one brown plastic flower shaped disc
one blue plastic ring
one silver key on red plastic tag marked "29"
one oversize silver watch case; very rusty, no glass
two tiny cocktail forks, one red, one blue
one brass and rubber nozzle
one black plastic pen cap with gold trim
one pink plastic part, use unknown
one orange lighter "BIC" brand
one blue lighter "BIC" brand
one piece blue plastic
one red plastic faceted bead

Row 5
one white plastic lid with skull and crossbones and the word "VENENO"
seven screw tops various colors
one black screw top marked "ROCHE"
one aqua colored screw top marked "HOH!"

Row 6
one orange plastic applicator tip
one blue plastic lid saying "NESTEA"
one red jar lid
one white plastic baby bottle ring
one black plastic bottle
one white plastic lid
one clear plastic lid
one squarish lid saying "REMOVE CAP BEFORE USE"
one eyeglass lens, very scratched
one black sunglass temple with a cursive letter "P" on corner, "MORGAN" brand
one black sunglass temple
one half pair black metal sunglasses

"Plastic Fantastic" Stuff found between May16 and May 23

Are these your keys?

Row 1
one translucent lid, cracked
one green oval piece of plastic with a hole in center
one smashed aqua plastic hair curler
one glittery pink plastic toy spade w/ pattern of stars on handle

Row 2
one broken piece turquoise plastic beach toy
one clear plastic lid
one blue plastic screw lid marked "LUBRICANTES EDUARDONO"
one gold plastic lid marked "INSTANT COFFEE"
one white plastic flange
one very distressed blue plastic clock like object

Row 3
one large white plastic pail handle
one piece broken purple plastic pail handle
one white plastic spool
four white plastic spoons
one small white plastic spoon bowl, no handle
one piece red plastic cone shaped plastic
one black nylon strap
one small mass green nylon twine
one set keys on leather keytag embossed with a toucan
one yellow plastic scoop "NESTLE" embossed on handle
one piece yellow plastic closure

Row 4
six screw tops, various colors
two clothespin halves, white

Trash I picked up between May 23 and May 29

Junk I happened upon between May 16 and May 22

A pink glittery toy shovel is the star of this batch.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pigs and Bears

Row 1
one clear plastic jar in the shape of a pig
one purple plastic cup
one yellow plastic bottle in the shape of a bear
one piece of a white plastic level
one yellow plastic jug handle
one pice white plastic in a "V" shape
one piece white plastic in a "J" shape

Row 2
one red plastic flag
one piece yellow plastic toy cell phone
one clear plastic bottle with "ALCOHOL LA FLAMITA" printed on it
one white plastic inhaler marked "MAXAIR"
one brown plastic cap marked "WILD COUNTRY DEODORANT"
one green plastic deodorant top
one shard green plastic
one blue plastic marker
one shard red plastic
one blue plastic ball point pen
one white plastic spoon
one small silver metal spoon
one very old blue plastic spoon
one bowl of a small white plastic spoon

one piece blue neoprene marked "BORA BORA"
one shard green plastic
one shard blue plastic
one shard yellow plastic
one piece yellow plastic
one shard purple plastic
one black & white plastic toy wheel
one piece gold plastic in a "C" shape
one yellow plastic baby bottle ring

Row 4
one green plastic building block
one orange plastic handle
one black plastic cube
one piece orange plastic
one black plastic square lid
one half green plastic screw top
one oval piece white plastic with a "DOVE" embossed on it
one blue plastic ribbed jar top
one small crushed blue plastic toy soccer ball
one small blue crushed toy ball

Row 5
one blue plastic spherical bottle top
one large red plastic lid with a "STAR" embossed on it
one white bottle cap
one silver screw top marked "PBD"
one blue plastic marker top
one blue plastic pen cap
one piece green pencil
one orange plastic screw top
five clothespin halves, various colors
one white plastic lighter
one green plastic lighter "BIC" brand
one clear red plastic lighter
one red plastic lighter "BIC' brand

Friday, May 6, 2011

Frisbee anyone?

Finds from the beach the week of April 4 to April 10

Row 1
one blue plastic frisbee stamped "COSTA RICA" in white faded letters
one white plastic jar lid marked "QUAKER"
one piece blue plastic webbing
one pair hair ornaments rusted together and encrusted with black beads and flowers

Row 2
one pink plastic tricycle pedal
one small green plastic body, rather fat, no head
one shard green plastic
oe red plastic implement handle
one white plastic fork with one tine
one white plastic spoon
one plastic toothbrush,"PRO" brand
one brown and white plastic comb
one green pencil marked :TROPICOLORS BIC"
one white plastic shard
one pentagonal piece soccer ball
one tiny green plastic cocktail fork
one piece champagne cork holder

Row 3
one black & white plastic sunglass temple "PRADA" brand
one black plastic sunglass temple "FOSSIL" brand
one black plastic sunglass temple brand unknown
one piece copper metal sunglass frame, both temples and one lens missing, make unknown
object lost
one tiny yellow bottle, hazy markings seem to say "NEURO FERRIL"
one piece blue plastic webbing
one shard blue plastic
one shard red plastic
one pice blue plastic with a "Y" shape dangling from it
Row 4
one large gold plastic cap
one very sea tossed white plastic lid
one purple plastic part to a deodorant applicator
six bottle caps various colors
one tiny piece metal in a forked shape