Sunday, March 20, 2011

Junk I happened upon the week of January 17 to January 23

Post clean-up

Row 1

one black plastic soda pop bottom
one can "SKOAL, WINTERGREEN" flavor
one black watch "CASIO" make, watch non- functioning, strap broken
Row 2

one piece black plastic strap
one yellow plastic toy diving mask part
one lid to plastic container, "HUGGIES" brand

Row 3

one tiny white plastic piece of butterfly wing
one broken piece black plastic mesh
one orange toy dinosaur whistle
one un-recognizable piece sky blue plastic with holes, burnt on one end
one small black plastic fish refrigerator magnet

Row 4
one piece white nylon rope
one piece blue nylon rope
one shard dark blue plastic
one shard green plastic
one shard light blue plastic
one small shard dark blue plastic

Row 5

two clothespin halves
one red bottle cap "THE COCA COLA COMPANY"
five bottle caps, various sizes and colors
one juice box flip top
one lighter "BIC" brand
one silver colored and black plastic eyeglass temple
two white plastic spoons

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